Clear Skin Runs In The Family

Clear Skin Runs In The Family

Want to know where you came from? Look no further than your looks! Your genetics are responsible for the color of your hair, the size of your eyes… even the skin conditions you struggle with.


Genetics and hormones are a major player in whether or not you experience breakouts. Your parents and siblings may have a history of breakouts, and that could foreshadow how intensely you struggle with this condition.

Dry skin:

Ask your parents, grandparents, even your aunts and uncles: did they ever struggle with dry skin? Your predisposition to dry skin may be inherited.


Those of Mediterranean descent, with more olive skin and darker hair color, can be predisposed to overactive oil gland activity. Those with Scottish or Scandinavian lineage are less likely to have excess oiliness.


Fair-skinned people may have fewer issues with oiliness, but they make up for it with a propensity towards sensitivity and redness. Some even refer to Rosacea as “the curse of the Celts,” making reference to those of Northwestern European descent.

Yes, our DNA defines us all. But, part of defining “you” comes from lifestyle choices. Battling breakouts? A day and night cleanse/tone/moisturise regimen with ingredients like Salicylic Acid can help minimise breakout-causing bacteria. Suffering with dry skin? Try upping your water intake, switching to a soap-free cleanser, and steering clear of hot showers. Manage oily shine with a mattifying moisturiser, such as Matte Moisturizer. And sensitivity can be kept in check with soothing, cooling ingredients.

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