how to get the perfect wedding day skin

How to get the perfect wedding day skin

Maintaining a skin care routine is not only vital to great-looking skin on your wedding day, it also provides a perfect canvas for flawless makeup. These tips will help you prepare for the big day.

6 months before your wedding

Start a series of monthly skin treatments to get your skin in peak performance. These treatments will provide your skin with a deep cleanse and exfoliation, to help rid your skin of impurities.

If you need breakout damage control, use an oil-based cleanser prior to your normal cleanser to dissolve excess sebum and debris, which can contribute to breakouts. Also, don’t forget to protect your skin from sun damage with an SPF everyday. There are many different SPF formulas, so be sure choose the best one for your skin’s needs.

4–5 months before your wedding

Zero in on specific problems with targeted solutions such as Age Reversal Eye Complex, a powerful eye cream that tackles wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and dehydration. Time to have a consultation to discuss any issues with your skin and get some personal skincare advice.

2–3 months before your wedding

This is considered a very tense time for brides. Your skin should be pumped with antioxidants and hydrating, energizing ingredients in anticipation of the big day, so use MultiVitamin Power Recovery® Masque twice a week to keep skin supple and hydrated. I actually wear this masque to bed to let it work it's magic as I slumber - your skin repairs itself while you sleep so I find I get greater results from the product by doing this.

1 month before your wedding

Avoid any new or extreme treatment as your skin may react unfavorably. Your final skin care treatment should be at least three to four days before the wedding. Focus on gently cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. If you're booking a waxing or exfoliating appointment, do it no less than two days before your wedding. This allows any redness to dissipate.

Your Wedding Day

Think of your skin as canvas and your makeup as paint. You won’t get great results without a smooth canvas, so cleanse, tone, moisturize and follow the tips in the image above.

Also, pack an emergency bag with essentials like a concealing breakout treatment in case of a blemish, a travel-size mist for makeup touch-ups, and a lip complex to keep your lips hydrated.

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