how to make your best face masque even better

How To Make Your Best Face Masque Even Better !

Should you see a difference in your skin after using a face masque just once? Yes my friend, you should. There are a few things that need to be in place though for this to happen - ask yourself am I using the correct product in the correct way - unsure? Drop me a line and I will help.

Once you have your perfect masque in hand, follow these simple steps to receive everything your masque has to offer:


1. double cleanse.

Masques work best on clean skin. However, one quick wash may not cut through the excess sebum (oil) and product residue that can block the effectiveness of your masque. The Dermalogica Double Cleanse dissolves layers of oily debris first, then rinses away remaining impurities for a professional level of clean.


2. exfoliate.

Slough away any dead, dulling skin cells that may lurk after you cleanse. This helps further enhance penetration of ingredients in your masque and promote smoother skin. Out with the old, pep up the new !


3. masque.

Generously slather on your masque and make sure to use it everywhere it can be used, for example Skin Hydrating Masque is also a great eye mask.

4. tone.

Ensure all masque residue is wiped away from your skin, then mist a hydrating Dermalogica toner over skin to further restore moisture.



5. moisturise.

Vital to every regimen and an integral post-masque step, moisturising helps seal in skin care benefits and combat surface dehydration, which can weaken your skin's natural barrier.


Generally, masques are recommended at least once a week to keep skin looking healthy and glowing at all times, I use mine at least twice a week.


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