How to Store Skin Care Products

How to Store Skin Care Products

Without proper storage, product formulations can degrade or even become ineffective. Learn storage tips to keep products fresher for longer.

Home storage habits can affect how well your skin care products work on your skin. High-quality skin care in airless pumps and tubes can remain highly-effective for several years when stored away from heat. But every product becomes vulnerable to air, temperature and bacteria as soon as it is opened.

To get the maximum benefit and life out of your Dermalogica products, follow these storage tips from our professional skin therapists:

keep daily microfoliant® out of the shower
If water gets inside the container of this popular powder-to-emulsion formula, it can cause clumping and activate ingredients too early, reducing effectiveness on the skin.

spf products should be in the shade
Hot temperatures can shorten product life and decrease the effectiveness of active ingredients such as those in sunscreens.

take lip treatments out of the car
Hot cars are bad for all products, but they can completely melt (aka ruin) lip products. Once melted, a product should not be used, even if cooled and solidified.

steer clear of the window sill
Store products in cool, dark places to preserve the integrity of their ingredients. The refrigerator is great for toners and masques because it adds a more refreshing, cooling effect!

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