Self-Care is Key

Self-Care is Key

Prioritising self-care is a great way to manage our mental health and overall wellness.

Did you know chronic stress escalates cortisol levels, triggering overactive oil glands. Stress also weakens the skin's protective barrier, leading to increased dehydration.

For the sake of your skin and your overall health and wellbeing, make sure you prioritise some down time to reduce stress levels and clear the mind. Let’s take a look at some ways to lower stress levels.



Step 1

Establish a positive morning and evening ritual that incorporates your skin care routine for a moment of relaxation.

Step 2

Ground yourself. Don your headband, do some deep breathing and take time to look at your skin in the mirror. What do you need today to enhance your wellbeing? Be kind to yourself.

Step 3

Take your time. Apply your products mindfully, don’t rush! Pay attention to product textures and aromas, enjoy them!

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