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The Ultimate Sponge Cloth

The Ultimate Sponge Cloth

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NOTE: This product is currently GREY in colour.

Super-soft cleansing cloth helps efficiently remove Dermalogica cleansers and masques.  When dampened, the Ultimate Sponge Cloth thoroughly removes make-up and debris without irritating skin.  Made from bacteria-resistant fabric that rinses clean and dries quickly for convenient use.

The reusable zip lock pouch, made from recycled EVA, is designed so you can always take your cleansing essentials with you.

How to Use

Rince cloth prior to first use.  Gently massage recommended Dermalogica cleanser over the face and neck area.  Use the dampened cloth thoroughly and allow it to dry.  Machine wash in cold water if desired.  The cloth hardens when dry but softens when thoroughly moistened with warm water.


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